Streamline Your Business With JTECH Paging Solutions & Apps

Fast, efficient communication is vital for a restaurant – it improves worker performance and the customer experience alike. JTECH provides hardware and software solutions to optimize communication between your management and workers, as well as customers. Here are some of the solutions that can help you improve performance and productivity:

Guest Paging System

IntelFlex Restaurant Guest Paging System

Optimize guest seating, turn tables faster, reduce frustration and increase revenue with JTECH guest pagers. No more waving hands – select among flash, vibration or voice message alerts to let your guests know their table is ready.

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Wait List & Table Management Apps

Wait List App for Restaurants from JTECH

Spinnaker™ is a powerful, affordable and intuitive iPad managed app suite, which includes several efficient and easy to use applications – wait list management, table management, guest paging, server paging and more. Instantly text guests about an open table; instantly send messages to server pages. Extensive features include arrival/waiting times, flexibility in data presentation and more. The apps are available based on a low monthly subscription fee, and no contract.

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Server Paging Systems

Server Paging System with Server Pager

Communicate instantly with staff, eliminate reheats, reduce waiting times & frustration. JTECH server pagers are an unprecedented way to make service faster and more efficient.

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Two-Way Radios


When pagers aren’t enough, our two-way Radios will allow you to communicate and coordinate your team instantly.

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Unlimited Expansion and Seamless Integration with Restaurant Systems

JTECH wireless pagers and systems are mutually compatible and can be easily expanded; they also integrate well with other restaurant management systems, such as MICROS 3700 RES, Aloha® Guest Manager, ConnectSmart® Hostess by QSR Automations®, ESP ProHost, GuestBridge™, ReServe® Interactive, HotSchedules and Smart Touch Technology®.


We have over two decades of experience providing communication solutions to restaurants. In 1988, we laid the foundation of a new industry when we created the first silent server paging system for restaurants. Since then, JTECH has pioneered many advances in on-site restaurant wireless paging devices and apps. These solutions help the restaurant industry, which works on thin margins and values efficiency, improve and streamline their service process and leave customers satisfied.

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